CARTA pillars and values


In our view, the success of the new remote delivery methods relies on four key pillars:

1. Good knowledge of the specific domain
2. Digital technology savviness
3. Mastery of training delivery
4. Adequate mindset


Our active engagement in remote content delivery and the productive interaction with course participants made us realize that we have been guided by the following values:

Collaborative team learning

trainers and content creators consistently strive to adapt content to the profile of the audience and the specifics of the learning initiative

Intentional flow
adherence to, or preference for, the utilization of a standard delivery process

Respect for the participants
acceptance of the fact that each participant finds himself or herself at a particular stage on his or her learning path, that they have personal learning preferences, and that they have their own, pre-formed definition of success with respect to learning

Put the right effort for maintaining the participants engaged

Value for participants
the continuous development of their knowledge, abilities, ways of thinking, and degree of satisfaction