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Remote training – Best practices

CARTA Method advocates 18 remote training best practices organised by four key categories.

Complete Opening

  • Micro Instruction on how to use Zoom, MS Teams, or other similar platforms
  • Open cameras
  • Opening sequence (1h+)
  • Socializing, small talk, empathizing (min 10 min)
  • Increased individual engagement

Adapt Content

  • Activity slides with signalling (duration, key activities, which document/platform will be used)
  • A maximum of 3-4 slides per idea/message, with amplified visuals
  • Content transformation: 3-4 days of effort for a 2-day training course

Follow the Flow

  • Connecting with the topic (context/contrast activity)
  • Movies with written debrief questions
  • Extended debriefing by involving all the participants
  • Delivery in 4/8-hour sessions
  • Printed workbook, mailed to participants
  • Activities for value recognition

Learning in teams

  • Team activities and games: 2-4 activities within 4 hours
  • Coordinator and observer roles implemented within each team
  • Additional trainers, co-trainer, training assistant
  • Dedicated software solutions for team activities
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CARTA Library of training activities

The CARTA method is freely offered to all trainers for usage as a guide and source of inspiration and to the benefit of all participants in remote training sessions. Instructors and facilitators are free to use any set of the method’s components or the method as a starting point in adapting traditional, in-class taught training to a new format that better addresses the needs of the present. We encourage anyone who wishes to freely contribute to the CARTA project to do so by helping with the development of a library that supports the application of the CARTA method. The minimal requirements for a contributor’s activities are two:

  • the activities will refer to a specific category in this guide.
  • the activities will be licensed under Creative Commons with Attribution 4 or higher
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