Roxana Grigoras – Romanian version proofreading, PowerPoint designs, organizing CARTA open sessions
Mihai Constantinescu – encouragement, coaching, organizing first CARTA sessions
Cristian Stirbescu – Romanian version proofreading, experimenting during technical courses delivery
Adrian Badea – feedback, experimenting during leadership, sales, and soft-skills training courses delivery
Nicoleta Raduta – feedback, proofreading, Figma designs, coordinating translations, experimenting during soft-skills training courses delivery
David Minchin – feedback, English version proofreading
Sorin Cantor – supporting CARTA webinars and experimenting with online teambuilding activities
Peter Kulcsar – Hungarian translation (v.
Mircea Dron – German translation (v.
Luciana Stirbescu – Spanish translation (v.
Nicoleta Marin – French translation (v.
Stefan Cojocaru – American English translation (v.1.0)

Coco Material – for providing free quality illustrations